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Our vision


Our vision

The world is not owned by any generation.  We have an obligation to ensure we pass on the earth in a state that our successors can continue and enhance the values to protect and preserve this fragile environment that will enable it to flourish for generations to come..

Driven by this passion, we want our projects to make a tangible difference to the environment, so that future generations can enjoy the wonders that we take for granted today.


Our Values

Every business is made up of individuals.  And it is the values of these individuals that drive the core values of the organisation.

At SWAUPE we drive our business on the core values of Professionalism, Dedication, Transparency, Health and Safety, and of course Preservation of the Environment.


Our People

People are our most important resource.  As an organisation our business model is flexible which means we rely on our partners for technical expertise and in-country experience.

At SWAUPE, our people focus on nourishing these relationships, understanding cultural differences, having an open mind when it comes to solutions, working hard to exceed our customers' expectations, and also having some fun.

What we do


MARPOL 73/78

MARPOL is the United Nations convention regulated by the IMO that governs all forms of marine pollution from garbage, sewerage, emissions, hazardous cargoes and waste oil.  

SWAUPE International Limited has been approved by MEMAC to build and operate MARPOL reception and remediation facilities.


Ballast Water Management

Invasive species is seen as the largest threat to the marine environment. In 2004, the IMO with the support of almost all countries released the Ballast Water Management convention.  Most countries have ratified this convention and agreed to comply from September 2017.

SWAUPE utilises IMO approved technologies to provide ballast water treatment facilities with a particular focus on servicing the needs of oil tankers, the biggest users and polluters of ballast water.


Soil remediation and OBM Cuttings

SWAUPE adopts a business model that enables us to be flexible when selecting technologies that are "fit for purpose" based on problem and objectives our customers face.

Soil remediation caused by seeping tanks or pipelines, accidental spills or other means can be addressed efficiently and effectively through our patented solutions.

OBM Cutttings are part of drilling operations which SWAUPE utilises proven thermal desorption technologies to remediate.

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